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Mother of Pearl

Mom and Dad sit at the kitchen table arguing over which makes a better grilled sandwich, provolone or cheddar, and whether or not they had relations, that is to say sex, before they were married.  She doesn’t like to hand … Continue reading

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Song of the Self – Self Promotion and Walt Whitman

Song of Myself – self promotion and Walt Whitman “The public is a thick skinned beast and you have to keep whacking away at its hide to let it know you’re there.”  Walt Whitman When did writers start having to … Continue reading

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Happy International Womens Day – Tribute to My Memere

Memere Does Time in the Shirtwaist Factory She sings.  She works.  She won’t be gotten. She hides her pennies in her stocking. She wafts and warps and steals the waste silk for the children she would be rocking.  Makes the … Continue reading

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Being Nina Simone – Life With Granddaughter

                                                                                                                                                Do What You Gotta Do             Three year old Kennedy is dancing, interpreting Nina Simone’s “I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl.”  She sways from side to side and bends from the waist, letting her dirty blonde … Continue reading

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