Lammy Excitement – Please check out my blog and get a chance to win FREE copy The Girls Club.

So excited and honored to be a Lambda Literary Award finalist.  My beloved pals Terry, Leslea, Susan, and my forever fiancé Cindy are accompanying me to NY City to attend the ceremony and gaze in wonder at the sights and sound of The Big City.  So far I am concentrating on the superficial – what to wear and what color to paint my toenails – in lieu of getting nervous over the possibility of winning and having to deliver a thirty second speech  A thirty second speech in gratitude and praise of a lifetime of support of so many people!  If I win it will take me much longer than thirty seconds to catch my breath.  And yet, who doesn’t want to have their breath taken away once in a while?             In celebration of readers, writers, New York City, The Lammys and all nominated for a Lammy, I am giving away a chance to win a copy of my novel The Girls Club, finalist in Lesbian Debut Fiction to anyone who leaves a comment – “Hi” is fine – on my blog between now and Tuesday June 12th.  If The Girls Club wins I will give away two copies.  OK, breathing.   Thanks, priase, gratitude for reading this.

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Author of The Girls Club, Bywater Press, spring 2011 writer gardener booklover
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42 Responses to Lammy Excitement – Please check out my blog and get a chance to win FREE copy The Girls Club.

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi. Glad to hear after 25 years I am now a fiance! Best of luck….Cindy

  2. Our love is ever- new, my darling! xoxoxoo

  3. Barrett says:

    I’m so excited for you. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending good thoughts for a well deserved win. Do us proud, Girl! Hugs! B

  4. Sal, in my book, you are already a winner!

  5. margaretduquette says:

    Sally, I will be tagging along with you in spirit. Good luck! You deserve all accolades. With joy for you and a few deep breaths 😉 , Margaret

  6. margaretduquette says:

    Sally, I will be tagging along with you in spirit. Good luck, dear friend. You deserve all accolades. Sending you joy and a few deep breaths 😉 , Margaret

  7. Thnaks Margaret – OK inhaling and…oh yes, exhaling. Hi to R. xxsallyb

  8. I was on this bandwagon from the time I heard about your book being published….I will be so proud when you win…..I love the nervousness I hear from debut authors, it really makes us readers appreciate you even more!

  9. So glad you’re coming Susan – still in my PJ’s on this glorious day – out to the garden I go. love, sally

  10. Ohhhhhhh, now you’ve got me all thrilled for you. Don’t leave us hanging – what color will the toenails be?

  11. Diane Lederman says:

    I’d go for plum polish on your toes, a boa around your neck and high-heeled attitude. You are Sally Bellerose – deserving of all accolades.
    You go girl!

  12. Alisa Klein says:

    Fingers crossed for you and sending you warm wishes for an award! You deserve it, Sally! You’re awesome in every way!

  13. Thanks Alisa – Such fabulous friends I have!

  14. This is great great news!

  15. Carol Williford says:

    You are a winner in my book. I’m betting you will be in Lambda’s too. Soooo wish we could be there with you in person. We most surely will be in spirit. Must luck and love always!!!

  16. Thanks Carol, You are the best. Love you. sally

  17. nancyrose says:

    WOW and whaHOO. I knew about NYC trip but didn’t know the reason WHY. You rock, Sally. You’re already a winner in my book. Congrats and good luck and best wishes from your Friday writing buddy. xonancy

  18. Susan Kan says:

    Go get it, Sally!

  19. Kelly Smith says:

    Good luck Sally. I hope you have a great time.

  20. Holly says:

    This is great news, Sally, and well deserved! CONGRATULATIONS!

  21. So exciting, Sally!! HUGE congratulations!!

  22. fay roux says:

    Stop worrying–you are the best! Enjoy yourself and be you. Being you is what got you where you are today. Being you is what your friends and family love about you! Have fun

  23. Biggest Congratulations to you! Whether or not you get the gold, you’ve already won the silver. As for the toenails, I strongly recommend five or ten different colors.

  24. Michelle says:

    You’ll look fabulous because you are fabulous. Sally does the Big Apple. Has a nice ring to it. -Michelle

  25. Janet Aalfs says:

    Every single day you are my award-winning friend, and always have been —
    I’m glad the world is finally getting a clue about your award-winning writing — You Go Champ!!!!!
    XOXO Janet

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