An old Rejection Revisited

Like most memebers of the species, I am no stranger to rejection.  But when the host of Literary Rejections On Display, linked below, asked me to blog about my worse literary rejection, the “win” that turned into a shunning came immediately to mind.

Here is a little taste from the beginning of the interview:

Like my defunct Alison Books contract, my worst rejection story started out as an acceptance story.  Thirteen years ago an excerpt from the novel won a prize and was published. “The GirlsClub – Chapter One,” Quarterly West, edited by Margot Schilpp, University of Utah Press, 1999.    First Place Best of Writers at Work.

Writers at Work is a writer’s conference, held at the time in Park City, Utah.  The prize included $1,500, publicity, free admittance to morning workshops, meeting with an editor, and a featured reading at the conference at The Yarrow Hotel where the conference was being held.

The fact that I was not welcome and would be actively snubbed might have been obvious as soon as I arrived at the airport in Utah if I had any suspicion that such a thing was likely.  I was supposed to be greeted by a conference worker carrying a sign with my name and driven from the airport to the conference.  This service was part of the prize.  No one picked me up.  No one answered the phone when I called the conference.  I figured, like the fact that my local newspaper never received the information Writer’s at Work promised to send so the Sunday Republican could do a story about a local woman winning the prize had merely been a bit of incompetence.  I thought the fact that an organizer called me after midnight to ask for information for tax purposes could be chalked up to a difference in time zones.

To read the whole piece please follow the link : Literary Rejections on Display

You’ll have a good time at LROD – do let me know if you like the site.  Thanks!





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4 Responses to An old Rejection Revisited

  1. laycegardner says:

    Are you kidding me? That’s outrageous! Please tell me you at least got the $1500?

  2. Great story! (I followed the link.)
    We all have difficult rejection stories-even if they are in life and not about a publication-yours bridges both areas. So sorry you went through that mistreatment and I celebrate you the publication with Bywater Books!

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