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Here is the fabulous writer Bett Norris talking about her writing process and – Hurray – her work in progress. See you next week when I answer these same questions

Bett Norris

First, I must send a big thank you to Jess Wells for tagging me to join in this fascinating discussion about the writing process. I am a great admirer of Wells, and if you are unfamiliar with her work, you should start with The Mandrake Broom, and then move on to A Slender Tether. I have sat in one of her lectures at the Saints and Sinners conference, and I remain in awe.

1) What am I working on? I don’t use titles for my manuscripts, other than the file name, which in this case is the imaginative “Ideas for the Next Book.” This current work is a generational saga, following the stories of two families, set of course in the Deep South, from the decade just after the Civil War to the present day. I got started on this by researching my own family history through ancestry.com…

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  1. Not sure why my pic is on this post – should be Bett – will try to fix – luddite me –

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