My writing has always involved themes of lesbian identity, sexuality, illness, and class.  Whether I’m writing about my parents, my own parenting, growing up in the 60’s, nursing, love, friendship, whatever, the basic themes don’t seem to change.  The more I write the more interested I become in the messy, confusing, and complicated relationships of anger, humor, and transcendence.

My  awards include a Fellowship from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Barbara Deming Prize, and The Rick DeMarinis Award.  My work appears in a call to nursing, Crab Orchard Review, The Sun, Naugatuck River Review, Cutthroat, Per Contra, and dozens of other publications.  My novel, The Girls Club won the Bywater Prize and will be published by Bywater Books in May 2011.

10 Responses to About

  1. Marilyn Huffman says:

    You, 1/2 Goober, are my hero/heroine of the word world. You have made many good and probably not so good choices over your lifetime, but up there in the top 5 was choosing a friend like me. Here’s to Provence! Forever loyal – Mcakes

    • Dear Mcakes aka Top Five, Thank you for the kind words. I must insist, however, that I am a whole goober, as the term goobers implies more than one goober, and since there are only two of us, I am a whole. Provence redo or bust – perhaps both. xo

  2. I have to thank you for responding to my Venus of Chalk post, for I have discovered your site and a new author to look forward to. Looking forward to your work. Best – Baxter

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  4. Linda Anderson says:

    Well Hello Sally Bellrose, it has been a very long time. I just heard about your book today from a dear friend. I have ordered your book and can’t wait to read it. I hope you get this and remember me, Linda Hawk. I am not surprised that you have acomblished what you set yourself out to do, a published book. I am so very happy for you

    hope to hear from you soon,
    (now) Linda Anderson

    • Linda Hawk. Now Anderson. Well, of course I remember you! How are you and your family? How is Maggie? Hope she is still with us and feisty as ever.
      I saw my sister Jane last week and she told me you are at Monson, which, I hear, is closing in August. Or did she tell me she met you at a restaurant in Palmer? I asked her to say hello to you. Wonderful to hear from you.
      Thanks for getting in touch and buying the book. I’m thrilled to say that it just went in to a second printing.
      Smiling, sallyb sbellerose@comcast.net

  5. Len Rogers says:

    Congratulations Sally on making the OutVoice May 2014 Top Ten Literary Picks Chart!
    Your fans have helped keep this chart alive!
    The chart is online at http://www.outvoice.net/currentlitpickstop10chart.htm.
    Also announced on the OutVoice List, FaceBook and Twitter.

    All the best!
    Len Rogers

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