American Beauty


Yikes. Word Press just informed me that I have 846 followers. Thanks to those of you who have hung in there with me in the absence of any word from me since June. I will try to be a more reliable with my posts – starting today. 

Here is a poem that appeared in the most recent issue of Wilde Magazine. Not my usual subject matter or style. Poets note- Wilde Magazine is accepting submissions and seems to like “edgy” – if I can ever really call my writing edgy.

American Beauty

She’s a stripper who tends

her roses, thorn and petal.

Common pinks, late-blooming

yellows, black beauties, finicky whites.

Red, she loves.

Wears it on her lips and

fingertips to please herself

and sophisticated men.

Men who feign disinterest

at the uptown club

where she struts her stuff.

Out walking tonight,

in red hot jeans,

she stops to admire

her reflection in a shop

window. Praises herself

lovely. Freshens her lipstick.

Moves on.

A man watches.

She’s seen him around.

A quiet guy, even tonight

when he grabs her arm,

tongue against her teeth,

pelvis on her thigh,

right there on the street.

She bites hard.

His tongue bleeds.

Painted nails dig deep.

Red runs down his cheek.

For a moment

he can’t see.

She’s four blocks gone

when he finds his voice

and screams “cock-tease! ”

There’s blood on the thigh

of her jeans.

The colors are close—

hardly a mark

once the fabric dries.

She wonders if the stain

will set. Buys an appliqué

in the Chinese market.

Satin roses, red of course,

and a needle,

curved to pierce the fabric

but not the skin. 


About sallybellerose

Author of The Girls Club, Bywater Press, spring 2011 writer gardener booklover
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6 Responses to American Beauty

  1. jSeunnasepp says:

    Nice! – Thank you.

  2. Sally, this is a VIVID piece. I love your writing.

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